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You can't have steak dinner outcomes with peanut butter  & jelly work ethic. -- Shawn O.



Opportunity is within everyone’s grasp. You just need to be willing to reach for it. This is Shawn Ousley’s message to himself and to the world. You can stop chasing your dreams and actually live them. You can overcome every obstacle in your path. It is possible.


Shawn is a public speaker with a motivational message that inspires both young and old to find their passions and succeed. He has a dynamic, friendly, and humorous delivery that sparks a hidden desire within others to thrive. Genuinely a compassionate people person, Shawn is an engaging and relatable speaker, who has also authored several books. One of his books co-authored by his good friend and old college roommate Rodney Kellum has been featured on CNN and the Gayle King show. His book Opportunistic Millionaire, has garnered 5-star praise from Amazon readers for its inspirational and effective ideas.


Having grown up in a house with nine other people, sharing one bathroom, Shawn now lives with his wife and two sons on a mini-farm in Louisiana. There they grow various fruit trees and raise chickens. They also have a pet pig named Pinky. This was a dream of his that he finally achieved and now he’d like to share the power of attaining goals with those around him.


He has a BA from Alabama A&M University in Communications with a Minor in Human Development and a MA from Legacy Bible College. Shawn has given numerous motivational and educational presentations to high schools, colleges, youth groups, juvenile detention facilities, Job Corps, and many others.


Shawn Ousley is a professional and charming speaker with a strong desire to see others flourish in the lives they’re given. If you need someone to pick you up and help you discover your passion and dreams, this is the guy you want. Shawn is more than a speaker: he is a friend, who is here to help you live the best life possible.


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Dirty boots get the job done. -- Shawn Ousley



Choose Your Destination helps students answer the question:

What is my next step after walking across the stage?

The audience will leave equipped ready to make their next step in life.

The Choose Your Destination Tour focuses on 

  • Decision Making

  • Life Choices

  • Setting Goals

  • Resourcefulness

Schools will also be given copies of the Choose Your Destination book. The book shows many options that students have in life: Certificate Programs, Trade Schools, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Starting a Business, and Military. 

There are 3 Options for engagements:

1) Assembly Style - The entire group in one setting, usually in a gymnasium or auditorium. Two Choose Your Destination Books will be given to the school.

2) Classroom - Up to four classes in one school school day. Three Choose Your Destination Books will be given to the school.


3) Seminar - Up to 4 classes. This is a two day engagement that goes into more detail than the one day engagements. Four Choose Your Destination Books will be given to the school.



Enough! I Quit

Why Leaving Your Job is

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